About the artist

June Arcadia’s intimate black and white portraits are dramatically juxtaposed against an array of vibrant backdrops. Through the use of light, color, and movement, these backdrops convey the emotional context of her subjects—a sense of discovery, awed wonder, an exhalant joy, or an internal reflection. 

June began drawing after receiving a book of illustrations from her grandfather at an early age. Although she struggled to find her medium for many years, it wasn’t until her first painting class in college that it truly clicked. 

“The physical movement of the paint itself gave me a kind of dreamy freedom I [had] struggled with in other mediums.” 

June received a BFA in graphic design, with a focus in painting. She now lives in Portland with her cat Atticus Finch, where she continues to create art on a variety of surfaces—from clothing and sneakers, to large fine art portraits on canvas.